MNP training is my company and my thought process to training. Simply put its Mindful, Nutritional and Physical training. I believe these are the 3 key components to optimum health. It’s taken years of training and understanding the human body to arrive at this philosophy.

I have always been passionate about sport and fitness. It’s my “go to” whenever I feel the need
to escape from the day to day stresses that we all face in life.

I have played competitive sports from the age of 6 up to county level in a range of team sports including rugby, football, basketball and cricket. I moved in to combat as an early teenager becoming
National champion at 14 for a Korean Martial art called Tang Soo Do, soon after this I fell in love with boxing.

I have been boxing for 22 years and professionally for 8 years, I am now coming to the end of my career and there’s nothing I find more rewarding than passing on all my knowledge. I coach aspiring young boxers or anybody who is interested in heath, fitness and feeling great.

I qualified as a level 3 personal trainer over 10 years ago and since then I have continued to develop my skills through courses and training with specialist coaches.

My philosophy of personal training, is for everyone to make there own body as strong and as powerful as they can. This ensures that your day to day life is better, shopping bags are lighter and stairs are easy. When you are stronger everything is easier.

I am fascinated by how our bodies work and believe that by doing ‘effective’ exercise you can stop every niggle and pain.

The best thing about my job is seeing people develop and do things that they never
thought possible.

I believe that everyone should see exercise, fitness, nutrition and looking after your head space as investing in a “PENSION for your HEALTH”.

The more you deposit now the better your return later in life.

Everybody should exercise NOW to feel great in the foreseeable future.

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