I have been involved in sport for over 30 years at a competitive level, playing in county teams and at a national level. My sporting and fitness knowledge has been acquired from some amazing national coaches. 

Over 10 years ago I decided to take on fitness as a full time career. I passed as a level 2 fitness instructor and then went onto become a level 3 personal trainer.

Since qualifying at level 3, I have gone on to become a Poliquin bio-signature coach  – the study of hormone balance as it effects body fat storage.

I have participated in many workshops to improve my lifting skills and strength conditioning knowledge. I am also a qualified Nutritional Therapist. 

I have boxed for over 20 years, with the last 10 years of them as a professional. During this time I have trained, coached and worked alongside other professional boxers.

To date I have had 47 professional bouts and  boxed on sky TV 7 times. 

The more I involve myself in all aspects of sport and training the better coach I become.

 My motto is – Motivate – Knowledge – Progress

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